Hey there, I'm Daniel Wykerd.

Final year Electrical and Electronic Engineering undergrad at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

Projects I've Worked On

"It's fun to reinvent the wheel"
  • One Stop Domestic: A platform that connects domestic workers with potential employers. I'm the sole developer and designer on this project.
  • react-av: Fully-featured, headless, hooks-based, and declarative media player framework for React.
  • YouTube.js: A wrapper around YouTube's internal API. I've made numerous contributions to this project.
  • During the course of my studies, I've worked on a number of projects that involve the design and implementation of both hardware and software systems.
  • Feel free to visit my GitHub to see more of my open source works.

What I Enjoy Working With

"I like to think that I can work with anything, but here are a few technologies that I've enjoyed working with."


  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • C/C++
  • Delphi/Pascal
  • Python

Platforms and Frameworks

  • STM32
  • Arduino/ESP32
  • NGSpice
  • PostgreSQL
  • LangChain
  • React
  • Expo
  • Next